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Question by  angie2 (24)

How do you remove a fan clutch from a Dodge Ram b series van?

My AC clutch stays engaged even when I do not have the AC on.


Answer by  Joe1010us (239)

In this case it may be best to remove the A/C pump and install a bypass pulley in its place. On many motors a smaller belt can be used instead of needing a pulley. More horsepower and better mpg will be accomplished.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You have to remove the fan belt and then take the clutch off. It may be an electric clutch at which point you would simply need to disconnect the control wires.


Answer by  wcmcduffie (115)

If you have an electric cluth, you can just disconnect the control wires. If not, then remove the fan belt first and then remove the clutch. Or you could remove the A/C pump and replace with a smaller belt.

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