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Question by  greebo66 (27)

What should I do if my mini rex's poop doesn't look right?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

If it just began to occur I would just watch him closely over them next few days to look for any change in behavior or abnormal eating or drinking habits. If you do notice these or the poop continues to stay bothersome I would take him to the vet for a checkup.


Answer by  PMD (41)

Changes in your rabbit's stool is an indication that something is not right. It could be from an unhealthy diet or parasites. Safest solution is a trip to the vet.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

That depends on what about it doesn't look right. If it is too wet the rabbit is probably not eating enough dry food like hay and food pellets. Try giving it more hay and if that doesn't fix it go to the vet.


Answer by  ZanneC (25)

If the droppings look like a tiny, moist cluster and have a musky scent, they are called cecotropes and are normally ingested by the rabbit; otherwise, call your vet immediately.


Answer by  slv89 (14)

Monitor your rabbits poop and only feed it rabbit pellets for a few days. If they seem runny or shaped strangely it may be from feeding it too many sugary foods like fruits.


Answer by  bunnygal (262)

Poop can be a barometer of your rabbit's health, so take any changes seriously. Contact your veterinarian for help, if needed. If droppings are small, or strung together, remove pellets and feed only hay and water for a day. If they are greasy or runny looking, this may be an indication of a bacterial or protozoal infection.

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