Question by  BrittMichelle (20)

What should I do if my infant has bloody bowels with mucous?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Definitely take your child to the doctor. Colitis is a sign of this condition, but they'd be to young at this age to have this, but it's possible their is something wrong with their bowel, kidney or diet.


Answer by  lilian (397)

Bring your infant to the pediatrician immediately. Bloody bowel movements with mucus is always something serious. It is possible that s/he may have a food allergy, such as soy or dairy, a bacterial infection, such as Salmonella, intussusception, or other intestinal disorders.


Answer by  jsteiny03 (346)

you will want to go to your childs pediatrician as soon as possible. ANY bloody stool can be a bad thing and the sooner it is treated the etter the outcome can be. Blood with musous could mean ulceratice colitis or chrones diseas. A lesser diagnosis could be an absess or ulcer.


Answer by  PJAGANI (231)

Volvulous, intususepion,and hirchsprung's disease can cause bloody bowels with mucous. Other causes are dysentry, and rotavirus infection in a child with steatorrhoea. You have to consult the neonatologist and follow the instruction given by him. Stool exam. Cbc test etc. If hb. Falls below 10 gms some times blood transfusion may required.


Answer by  Anonymous

You should definitely sit in front of your computer and type to more strangers about it. You certainly wouldn't want to inconvenience, let's see... your doctor with any questions regarding your child's health and well being, would you!? Shameful show of poor judgement... seriously.


Answer by  MandyDandy79 (47)

You should take the infant to their Pediatrician. Blood in anyone's stool young or old is always a warning sign, and needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

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