Question by  legaleagle (16)

What should I do if my hardwood floors won't dry?


Answer by  adouglass (331)

If the finish isn't drying properly I would suggest using a fan. The fan should be pointed up to circulate the air in the room. Do not point the fan at the floor it may cause the finish to ripple. Oil base finishes can take several days to dry completely.


Answer by  1990david (414)

All hardwood foors should dry up eventually. If you want to speed it up turn on a fan and leave doors and windows open.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

If hardwoods won't dry, it may just be that it needs longer to dry. Try letting it dry for a few days longer. If it still won't dry, then you need to use a remover to take off the finish and start over.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If it seems that your hardwood floors are not drying then I would check under them. There may be standing water under them that has to be removed before it can dry.


Answer by  Homepro6885 (192)

What do you mean won't dry? As in when you mop the floor. Are you talking about stain and sealer. Has the floor just been put down in a home and your wood is not dry in that way. If you can give me more info I will be able to help you. Not real sure what you are meaning.

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