Question by  Scooby (12)

What tips can you give me on refinishing hardwood floors?

I am going to refinish my hardwood floors next week and would like some advice.


Answer by  Purple (948)

I have never done it but my friends who did ruined the floor and wished they would of paid a couple of hundred dollars to have it done professionally. Make sure they can be refinished. Sometimes they can be done once or twice or not at all. Some floors only need to be screened or it will ruin them.


Answer by  vkcopper (358)

Correct tools are required to start refinishing. Large machines that sand the top layers of old hardwood floors, being careful not to gouge the floors. There are cleaning solutions that can be purchased to help remove the old wax. Electric Hand sanders (orbital) can be used, and the sandpaper grit being used when you are sanding should be checked often.


Answer by  missym1251 (96)

Make sure you sand it down and then get it clean and dry before you use the finish. Make sure you read the temperature conditions before you do the finish.

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