Question by  Lola (20)

What should I do if my genie backup says the system is down?

My Genie backup manager says my system is down.


Answer by  svdharmaraj (30)

If you are infected with a computer virus or have other problems with your system, using system restore to revert to a backup setting for your computer can greatly assist you in restoring your computer to normal in the event of damage to your system.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

If your backup manager says your system is down it could mean two things. Either it is unable to create a backup or your actual system has crashed.


Answer by  Kar (111)

If the Genie backup says the system is down you might want to trying turning it off & on. If this does not fix the problem you might want to backup your work on discs for the time being. Eventually the system will come back up probably within 10 minutes.


Answer by  Geetha (34)

As a immediate solution i will call my hardward engineer and ask him to check my Computer and atleast get the back ups available in my d: drive because i will keep all the important file only in my d: drive


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

Once I clicked the "Backup"option,it was only a matter of following the on-screen instructions via the backup wizard, and by clicking on "Next"to the proceed to the following stage.


Answer by  Kalpesh (5)

without system you may not get required or correct information. you face some inconvenience because of the same but your patience & co-operation will definitely help you to get proper information.

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