Question by  gunakodai (7)

What should I do if my cat drank pine sol?

My cat just drank pine sol, what on earth can I do?


Answer by  Ric (16)

If my cat draunk pine sol, i would look in the internet the search for a website on healthcare and first emergency. Then, i would give milk to my cat.


Answer by  Britt (453)

Take him/her to the vet, immediately!! That stuff is poisonous, and your cat needs to get help, or could possibly die. When an animal ingests something poisonous, you need to treat them like a person, and get medical aid as soon as possible. There is nothing you can do at home for the cat.


Answer by  ez (187)

The pine oils contained in Pine Sol are extremely poisonous to cats. Contact a veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital immediately.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Take your cat to your vet or a veterinary emergency clinic immediately. If it was more than a tiny bit it could be fatal without prompt treatment.

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