pet health


Question by  toastedcheese (216)

What can I do if my cat is poisoned?


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Immediately bring the cat to the vet along with any information you have about what the cat was poisoned with.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Vet. Asap. If it hasn't vomited yet, try to induce with 3tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in 3 doses over 30 minutes (unless the poison is caustic/petroleum).


Answer by  bluehornet (25)

I would recommend taking your cat to an animal hospital asap, there is usually a 24 hour one somewhere in most areas.


Answer by  roxiee (98)

My best suggestion would be to take your pet to an emergency animal hospital as soon as you are able. My vet gave my dog Vitamin K as a treatment.


Answer by  Sara64 (113)

If cat is poisoned, give it 2-3 glasses of water so that the poison gets diluted; and shift the cat to a vet nary hospital as early as possible.

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