Question by  CoolCal (44)

What should I do if I want to learn how to box?


Answer by  denise1553 (15)

I would go on the internet and do some research. I would find out what equipment is needed and its cost and then research some gyms that promote boxing. Next, call the gym to set up a time for a class. Get your equipment, go to the gym and you're on your way to becoming a boxer.


Answer by  Lexie (115)

First, join a kick boxing class to build up your endurance and learn basic skills. Jumping rope also helps build endurance. Once you are ready, find a boxing gym.


Answer by  Issy (15)

First, make sure that you are in the right health condition before learning how to box. You can join boxing classes closest to you, or if you can't find any, search on the internet to find some closest to you. It's good to talk to a boxer before hand.


Answer by  jamilea (238)

Look for a boxing club or gym in your area using search engines like google or yahoo. They will have lessons. Or you can search for instructors. Say this to yourself: "Self discipline"


Answer by  Pac88 (13)

Finding a good instructor is key. Search your local yellow pages for gyms or martial arts studios that give lessons to beginners.


Answer by  H797H (157)

Probably the best thing is to check out a sporting goods store to see what their selection of boxing products are. Also research gyms that teach beginners classes in boxing.


Answer by  Lauren (56)

If you want to learn how to box, you should start off by researching boxing classes. An easy way to do this is to research boxing on the internet.


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

Get in good shape before you begin to train. Find a trainer that's willing to take you through all the steps, not just jump you into the heavy stuff.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Start at your public library and ask the Refernce Librarian. Continue searching for books, videos and web sites offering instruction. YouTube often has a variety of instructional posts, but beware as they also have a variety of quality. Attend amatuer or professional fights in your area, Golden Gloves competitions may be particularly helpful. Look a boxing gym in your area.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

First locate a gym that offers one on one boxers training. Make sure you learn to protect yourself first. Boxing without proper training is dangerous.

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