Question by  sportskat (11)

What should I do about plant worms?


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

You should spray ammonia all over the worms. This will kill your plant worms in no time.If you do not want to kill the plant worms, then you can just pick them out.


Answer by  Junebug (158)

Purchase an insecticide that can be used on plants, like Sevin or Malathion, from your local home improvement or hardware store. Check the label for the concentration to be used.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

The soil is being kept too moist which is attracting these insects. Space your watering out and allow the entire root ball to dry out, water sparingly.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

I'm assuming you're talking about worms on your plants. The easiest method is to wash the plant off with soapy water. This generally gets them off the leaves.

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