Question by  SophieD (17)

What kind of aquarium parasites look like white worms?

I've got worms in my tank.


Answer by  Nemo (29)

It sounds like the Planaria worm. They are harmless unless you are breeding your fish, because the Planaria will eat the fish eggs. If the gravel is dirty from uneaten fish food, or if you have recently added a new fish to your aquarium, that is likely how they appeared.


Answer by  Mickey52 (13)

The white worms you are describing are likely planaria worms. These worms are not harmful to your fish so you should not be alarmed. Planaria worms are often seen in aquariums where the fish are overfed. Excess food builds up in the aquarium rocks and these worms eat uneaten food.


Answer by  allinwonderland (37)

These white worms may be Planaria. They are harmless, non-parasitic flatworms that often thrive in tanks with an excess of uneaten food.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Planeria (Platyhelminthes phylum)are the most common parasite flatworm found in aquariums. They will not harm your fish, but are an indicator of overfeeding. Clean the gravel in the aquarium, treat the water with a tablespoon of aquarium salt per five gallons water. Use Quick Cure (one drop per gallon).


Answer by  Amy78 (30)

These are most likely Planara, a tiny worm that lives off of excess food waste in the bottom of fish tanks.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

It sounds like you have Planaria. They are free-living non-parasitic worms. They won't hurt the fish, but they are a sign of an excess of uneaten food which isn't good for the fish. You can treat with thorough cleaning and QuickCure. Also reduce the amount you feed your fish.

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