Question by  turkey (29)

What should I do about my cat chewing on cardboard?

My cat seems to love to do this all the time, is it harmful?


Answer by  Cvt (149)

As long as the cat doesn't swallow the cardboard, it probably won't hurt him. Be careful, because some cardboard is held together by toxic glue or large metal staples, both of which could be very dangerous or have sharp edges which could lacerate his tongue or gums.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

Cats sometimes chew on things when they are playing. As long as she is not actually eating the cardboard, then it should not hurt her.


Answer by  sham (110)

It is harmful for cats when it chews a cardboard. It leads to serious intestinal blockages. Try to divert your cats attention to some sort of game it likes or add few drops of methanol or citrus to that cardboard because cats dislikes those smell. Do not punish the cat,as it may do the same without your knowledge.


Answer by  Tears (81)

Cats chew on things to sharpen and maintain their teeth. In general chewing on cardboard will not hurt your cat. Let him/her chew on plain brown cardboard only.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It's not harmful to the cat but watch for sharp edges so your cat doesn't cut it's gums on the cardboard. Try getting your cat a scratching post and a few toys to chew on. That may help to stop your cat from eating cardboard around the house.

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