Question by  weirdchan (13)

What should I do about bloody stool in a feline?

My cat has had a bloody stool for 2 days.


Answer by  Thea (37)

The cat should be seen by a veterinarian. It is helpful to bring a sample of the most recent stool to the office with you. It can be stored in a ziploc bag and should be kept cool but not frozen. Bloody stools can occur for many different reasons; dietary indiscretion, parasitic infection, cancer, or even stress.


Answer by  worker5914 (33)

Blood stool can be multiple things. its best to consult a vet and take samples of the stool inorder to track any foreign objects that could have cut the lining of the intestins. If this isnt the case, changing the cats food might help.


Answer by  catlover (28)

The very first thing that you should do is to call your vet and ask them what to do. Odds are that they will say to bring in your cat in order to test what is making your cat sick.


Answer by  bravesfan (61)

Blood in your cat's stool could be a variety of different problems ranging from Colitis(inflammation of the colon),to intestinal parasites. The best recommendation I can give you is to have your cat seen at your local veterinarian where a proper diagnosis can be made.


Answer by  karisti (20)

any bloody stool is indication to see a vet when cat continuously have blood or extraordinary amount it could be serious collect and put in plastic and bring to vet

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