Question by  kljacf (19)

What should I do about an 18 month old with sleep problems?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Try to stop a late afternoon nap as this will keep the 18 month old up and they will not sleep. Keep the toddler as active in the day as possible. If the toddler does sleep try to get the little one to sleep around noon for only a couple of hours.


Answer by  Ratheesh (44)

Sleeping problems in babies are mainly due their constipation trouble and it easily treated by some natural ways. Dried grapes put into water for 3 hours. Give the water for him/her. Bathing their for at least 2 times per day. Before! hour of bathing, paste their head with coconut oil. It will give coolness for them


Answer by  Bones (105)

For babies who do not want to go to bed, a strict bedtime must be enforced. When babies awaken during the night, the parent should go into the child's room, speak soothingly to the baby and leave. Do not turn on any lights. Allow increasingly longer periods between verbally comforting the baby. Persistence is the key to success.


Answer by  bnb5 (51)

Sleep problems in infants and young children are very common. Many sleep problems are solved with a nightly routine. The routine should start with decreasing their activity level thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime. Things that can be included into the routine may be a relaxing bath, reading to the child and infant massage.


Answer by  chilli (126)

Keep track of the 18 month old at all times. See to it that the child is taken care of at all times, everything from its milk, food and changing diapers. Let the child enjoy its time with other kids, give it toys to play with. It would get proper sleep if it is busy all day.

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