Question by  professorkk (44)

How can I change my sleeping schedule?

I can't sleep at night because I sleep to much in the daytime.


Answer by  becki (229)

You should try to avoid caffeine and alcohol after 4pm to increase your chance of being able to sleep at nighttime. If you can't sleep at all at night, you should talk to your doctor about a sleeping aid.


Answer by  kiwee87 (141)

Find other activities throughout the day that help prevent you from sleeping. Sleep at a specific time each night and wake up at the same time every day, and you will be able to set a good sleeping schedule for yourself.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

The best way is to wake your self up when you would like to wake up every morning and regardless of how tired you are, stay up till the time when you would like to regularly go to sleep. After a few nights of this, your schedule will be set.


Answer by  babilot (158)

Stay up all night and spend the whole day doing a lot of activities. Keep your mind working and body constantly moving. By night you'll be so tired. Besure to set an alarm and wake up at a decent hour. Then stay active all day.


Answer by  Ezequiel (117)

From day to night, you would basically have to stay up late and fall asleep early in the morning so that your days are nights and nights are days. I do this a few days before I know I have to do a graveyard shift.

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