Question by  Jeremy24 (14)

What should I do about a water snake in my fish pond?

Will it eat all my fish?


Answer by  cmcguire (143)

Firstly, it would be best to identify the water snake in your pond before taking any action. Depending on where you live, what kind of area is around your pond, and other factors, the snake could be poisonous. Other snakes could be deadly for your fish and frogs. In any case, call Fish & Game to catch the snake.

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Thank you for your feedback as I had the same question having just found a water snake in my pond which is filled with fish and frogs. Can you tell me who Fish and Game are please ?  add a comment

Answer by  k99 (489)

If you have a gardner snake it will eat small fish but if it's a water snake it will eat big fish. Place netting over pond to keep them out.


Answer by  jcl2586 (41)

I would first try to identify what type of snake it is. Most water snakes are poisonous and can be dangerous to you and also your fish. Water snakes are more likely to feed on terrestrial animals even though they spend most of their lives in an aquatic habitat. I would contact an animal control to remove the snake.


Answer by  bob134 (111)

A water snake will not necessarily eat all the fish in your pond put if it looks poisonous you should get it removed by a professional.


Answer by  roxiee (98)

To eliminate any concerns you may have about the survival of your fish, perhaps the best solution would be to capture the snake using a net and relocating the snake.


Answer by  DEscobedo (135)

Since you have already completed the most important thing and noticed there was a snake in your pond now you should call Fish and Game to help catch the snake. Depending on where you live will depend what type of snake it is and it could be poisonous and is safer to get them to help.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

A water snake will eat fish if the fish are small enough. They do eat insects, too, but will definitely eat fish.

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