Question by  sujata (13)

What should I consider when deciding between part time or full time jobs?


Answer by  Sreekumar (39)

If you want to concentrate more on household activities and and same time like to have some earnings also - prefer a part time job and if you have alternate sources to look after domestic needs you can opt for a full time job. If you are in a full time job and need more money, select a part time job.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

You should consider the salary and the benefits. If you can manage on the part time salary and the part time job has benefits such as insurance, then take it because you will have more time to do things you like. Otherwise, go for the full time job.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Considerations for part time versus part time include: 1. If you need more money, get full time work. 2. If you have school or family care obligations, go part time.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

One big thing to consider when deciding to work part time or full time are benefits. Many part time jobs do not offer benefits.

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