Question by  JeffD (238)

What should I consider before breeding dwarf hamsters?

I think I would like to breed them.


Answer by  ZackRoca33 (206)

Dwarf hamsters are great pets and easy to breed. You can get them at most reputable pet dealers and there are really no tricks to breeding them.


Answer by  Ebichu (23)

You should consider how many offspring breeding dwarf hamsters will result in, and what you would do with the young of course. Litters can have up to 20, and don't expect your local pet store to take them off your hands they have their own supplier. Both hamsters should be of the same breed and at least 4-6 months old.


Answer by  windling (38)

First, are they healthy? Second, consider the temperment of the two mating. Do you have space to separate the male from the female after mating? Do you have room for the babies? Do you have room to separate the mother from the babies when it's time? Do have room to separate the babies before they can proliferate?


Answer by  Honey123 (60)

One must be very cautious when breeding your dwarf hamster. Make sure that your hamsters are the same species otherwise the female might have complication during birth time or.


Answer by  montree (354)

Make sure that the mom is living lavishly to sum it up. The cage must be clean and sanitary so the babies don't catch any diseases. Make sure that the mom is well fed so she has the nutrients to transmit it to her babies.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

You should consider the age and the breed of the dwarf hamster that you will breed.You should need to consider the duration of their pregnancy.If you are serious in breeding dwarf hamsters,this is definitely something to consider.

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