Question by  worker9134 (10)

What should be included in an admission appeal letter?

I need to write a letter to a college that denied my admission application.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

It depends why they denied you. If they denied you based on a technicality, like you didn't pay the application fee, correct the error and explain this in the letter. If they denied you because they don't view you as a right fit, include a strong argument as to why this school will benefit by having you as an alumni.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

Colleges are afraid of letting in people that might be a "liability" to their program and drop out. Prove to them that you are not a liability. Answer the quetion: What financial steps have you taken to ensure you'll be able to afford your schooling? Let them know if you plan on higher education after you graduate their program.

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