Question by  deb74 (164)

What qualities should a principal have?


Answer by  sobroke79 (126)

Working with children is a very demanding job. Especially if you are wanting to be a principal. You should be qualified, that mean going to school and obtaining a Masters or Ph.D degree. You should also have qualities of being a mentor, patience, know accounting and be a mediator.


Answer by  justaskforbrandy (553)

A good principal should be an excellent motivator. They should have a good sense of humour and lots of energy. They should want to be involved in the school and its activities. They need to be able to handle situations efficiently and do what is best for the students. Remember, your principal should be your leader but also your PAL.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

They need to be able to handle conflict, with students, parents, and staff. They need to be good listners, be able to speak well, and be able to lead by example.


Answer by  psppcojeff (113)

At a minimum, a principal should possess a four-year degree and a principals certificate from a state board of education and experience as a teacher.

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