Question by  farmingdale (13)

Which discount clothes stores have good quality clothes?

I want quality not name brand.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Our regular Dollar Store and Family Dollar stores have pretty good clothing if you take the time to look. Of course some of Wal Marts clothes spell out cheap looking so a bargain can come when you least expect it.


Answer by  Megaera (7)

Loehmanns has great quality clothing at up to 65 percent off, as do T.J. Maxx and Filene's Basement. If you're looking for on-line shops, 599Fashion is one you should check out for day to day clothes, while Best Buy Uniforms is good for scrubs and various work clothes and Magic Kids USA is great for children.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

I think that TJ Maxx had very high quality clothes. Sure, they do have name brand there, but if you search through the racks you can find some really quality items for your closet.


Answer by  leann85 (18)

TJ Max and Marshall's are good discount clothing stores. However, you will need to have the time to actually look through the items to choose what you would like.


Answer by  lucky1317 (75)

Forever 21 is an excellent store that sells high quality clothes for an inexpensive price. They offer many styles and sizes for any age.

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