Question by  mkro (15)

What percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum is the visible light spectrum?


Answer by  bnita (14)

The visible light spectrum is about 3.5 x 10^{-26}% of the electromagnetic spectrum. The rest of the spectrum consists of other types of electromagnetic radiation like infrared and radio frequency radiation (on the low end) and gamma rays and x-rays (on the high end).


Answer by  Henry55 (118)

The electromagnetic spectrum can't really be broken down percentage wise because of how small the numbers become. Theoretically you can have wavelengths of light as small or as large as you want. Visible light is 400-700 nanometers which is a very small percentage of the entire spectrum, close to zero.


Answer by  Connor (43)

The spectrum is infinite - a photon of higher energy can always be created. Visible light ranges from about 400 to 800 nanometers, however, and most (60% +) of the radiation coming from the sun is in the visible spectrum.

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