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Question by  scorp9agent8gmailcom (8)

What pain reliever should I use for a stomach ache?


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Most pain relievers with just exacerbate a stomach ache. You should take something that will sooth your stomach depending on what caused the ache to begin with. Tablets like Tums, liquids like Mylanta or a stomach gas remedy. If nothing works within a day or two consult with your doctor.


Answer by  Cindy55 (106)

Before taking medicine, try simply just using a heating pad. If that doesn't work, try soem Pepto Bismol. This will likely take care of most problems.


Answer by  EddyNfld (147)

A good pain reliever for a stomach ache is pepto bismol. It aids in all types of problems so if your unsure of what the problem is, its probably your safest bet. A home remedy is gingerale, this will help with gas and general upset stomach (effects vary).


Answer by  Riley (765)

Find out what is causing your stomach ache. It could be gas, constipation or something serious. Put a heating pad on stomach. Drink tea with ginger or peppermint.

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