Question by  sunny83 (157)

What organs or body parts do we no longer need?


Answer by  anneb (123)

Humans no longer need tonsils, and they no longer need an appendix since it was originally for storing indigestible materials that a human swallowed, such as stones. Humans also no longer need to use their little toe for balance, and all such body parts that no longer have a function are called vestigial body parts.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Many parts of the body HAVE been evolved to the point where we don't need it, but many parts are also just not necessary. Some body parts include the spleen, Wisdom teeth, the appendix and the gallbladder. Though we can live without the Gallbladder we have to alter our diet to survive without it.


Answer by  kim74 (21)

Humans no longer have need for an appendix. We no longer consume enough indigestable food, such as bones or scales, to need one.


Answer by  Anonymous

Tonsils, spleen, and the appendix are all functioning parts of the immune system. How arrogant to say we don't need it when we don't understand it!!

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