Question by  NutBucket (140)

What oil do you use in a Honda 5.5?

I need to know what oil to use in a Honda 5.5.


Answer by  Ann71 (47)

I use 4 stoke motor oil. Just make sure it meets the right requirement of the motor oil. It has to meet or go over. It can't be under.


Answer by  mattinatux (29)

Honda recommends using their 4-stroke oil. For general all-around use, using SAE 10W-40 oil is recommended. It does not have to be Honda brand.


Answer by  m2m7 (17)

For a Honda 5. 5 engine, use 4-stroke engine oil or an equivalent high-detergent motor oil. SAE 10W-40 is recommended. The oil should at least meet U. S. auto manufacturer's requirements for service classification SE or SF.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

For any four cycle engine (engines with separate oil and fuel fill locations) use high quality detergents in the following viscosity. For four cycle Honda lawnmower engines,10W-30 oil is the oil recommended for general use, and above 55 degrees F (10 C) you can use an SAE 30 oil.


Answer by  javaman09 (180)

I use Brigss & Stratton 4-cycle oil for my Honda 5. 5hp lawnmower. Other brands can create a lot of smoke, so I have stayed with B&S oil for a while now. . Any good 4-cycle oil work, but I have found that most other brands can create a lot of smoke.

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