Question by  Nora (20)

What muscles does canoeing work?


Answer by  Stephs (29)

The muscles you use when canoeing are...The chest muscles and the back muscles.You also will use your bicep and tricep muscles.You use all four groups of your stomach muscles.You also use the most imporant muscle,your heart.Shoulder muscles are also pending on type of canoe,you may also use your quadricep muscles(leg muscle).


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Rowing a canoe works the chest muscles, the forearm, bicep and tricep muscles, the back muscles, all four groups of stomach muscles, the heart muscles and, depending on the configuration of the canoe, possibly the quadricep muscles if there is somewhere in the canoe to plant your feet so that you can push with your legs.


Answer by  Anonymous

along with the muscles outlined by others on here, i would also advise the inclusion of the latissimus dorsi which is the muscle under your arms our down the side of your back which is used a lot in this movement


Answer by  J65 (65)

Canoeing works various muscle groups throughout the body, making it a great workout for anybody. The main groups that are used are the deltoids (or shoulder muscles) and the bicep/triceps. The more you put your entire body into the rowing, the more you work your deltoid and trapezious muscles


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Canoeing is an excellent exercise for your bicep muscles in the arms. It also exercises your whole back and muscles in the torso of your body.Leg muscles are exercised a little as you balance.Muscles in your shoulders are exercised as you swing the paddle from side to side.


Answer by  Anonymous

You use your whole chest, back, shoulders, arms.

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