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Question by  asf (2)

What meals go perfect with Charles Shaw Merlot?

I got wine from a winery vacation, and I am having dinner guests and want to be able to serve a complimentary meal.


Answer by  ntrakul (70)

Merlot is a fairly versatile red wine, and although traditionally red wines are paired with red meat and chicken, Merlot does go well with fish and lighter fare such as pasta or vegetable dishes. However, it may be best to serve the wine with the traditional steak or other beef containing meal.


Answer by  moniquitta (17)

Anytype of red meat meal will go really well with a nice merlot. Any types of cuts of beef or lamb would work well. One type of meal that I would recommend is london broil. There is a make it and forget it recipe you can make in the crock pot.


Answer by  MathTeacher (299)

A hearty meal, such as a pork loin or a beef wellington, go well with Merlot. Roasted vegetables and potatoes make a great side dish.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Charles Shaw merlot goes well with red meat dishes such as steak or even something more casual like burgers or ribs.

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