Question by  Greg68 (8)

What makes cute bridal shower favors?


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Make bath salt "sundaes." Fill an inexpensive ice cream dish with bath salts in the bridal colors. Use a white scrubbie made from tulle or netting* for the whipped cream and top with a round red bath-oil ball "cherry." (*Baste layered 5-inch-wide strips netting down the middle. Pull the basting thread, tie and fan out the strips for homemade scrubbies.)


Answer by  AOFPDY4OTCUYT (25)

I have seen people use their engagement photos as bridal shower favors, it was a big hit. They put the photos in simple/elegant frames and decorated them with ribbons, them attached a tag with details on where/when the picture was taken.


Answer by  mooly398 (140)

A bridal shower favor is especially cute when it has a connection to the event or the bride herself. For a nature-loving girl, think about tree seedlings or packs of seeds. For a bride who loves to cook, try a cookie cutter with her favorite recipe, and for a music lover, a mix CD with her favorite love songs.


Answer by  moniquitta (17)

Good bridal shower favors depend on the group of people being invited to the shower. A lot of people just swear by edible favors. A candy buffet is quite popular. Others actually prefer a tangible item. A bamboo plant is quite cute for these people and it does represent luck. So knowing your guests is key.


Answer by  littleamy85 (184)

Cute bridal shower favors are usually something that goes with the theme and are useful and colorful. My sister bought cherry blossom chopsticks for mine.

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