Question by  clarinetist (13)

How do you play the bridal shower purse game?

I am hosting a bridal shower soon.


Answer by  pam4143 (47)

First step is to type up a list of things found in a woman's purse, then assign a point value on each item. Make copies then distribute. Ask the women to check their purses and find items on the list. Then the highest number of points wins.


Answer by  SpaceMunkee (245)

This is a very simple game. You create a list of common items that might be found in a purse, and maybe a few less common ones. As the list is read, each player pulls that item from their purse and puts it in front of them. The one with the most items is the winner.


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

Make a list of 10-20 items for guests to find. Items should start off common. As the list progresses, make items more unusual. Participants place found itmes on the table in front of them. By the end of the list, the person with the most items found wins.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

Make a list of 20 or 30 things you name them off and whoever has the item in their purse gets a point the one with the most objects in thier purse wins. My friend even had a small kitchen sink key chain in her purse, its fun.

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