Question by  JohnSmits (10)

What laws and regulations are there concerning overtime and overtime pay?

I am concerned that my employer is making me work too much overtime.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

The minimum Federal requirements for overtime is if you work more than 40 hours in a work week you must be compensates at time and 1/2 your normal wage.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You cannot work more than 15 hours in a 24 hour continuous period. You must be paid overtime if working over 40 hours IF you are classified as an hourly employee. If you are salaried, overtime rate is not paid - but overtime must be required, not simply mandated make-work.


Answer by  Evolutius (100)

Overtime is for hourly waged positions and is paid at a base rate of time and a half. Anything over 40 hours in one work week can legally be turned down in the United States.


Answer by  Josie74 (225)

The rules vary state to state. You can go online and check each states rules and regulations for their individual policies toward this. If you find they are in the wrong, the states site should have a place to report the company.


Answer by  Jack56 (408)

Businesses must pay overtime to employees that is equivalent to one and half times their normal hourly rate after working more than forty hours. Federal law does not offer legal protections to most employees that are subject to mandatory (forced) overtime. Nurses, disabled workers and children under sixteen are covered.

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