Question by  lexi (24)

Can salaried employees be exempt from overtime pay?


Answer by  Bea (22)

As employees move up the ranks in many companies, they go from hourly pay to set salaries. In the long run, salaried employees generally earn more (and continue to advance), but they do miss out on the overtime that hourly employees get. Being exempt from overtime does have advantages, though, when it comes to days off and vacations.


Answer by  carol (1241)

Yes, they are exempt from overtime pay. Being a salaried employee means you receive the same pay for a certain period of working time, week, month, etc. , whether you work one hour or whether you work 100 hours. You are paid to do the job and not by an hourly rate.


Answer by  Gerald (102)

As a salaried employee and an execultive I am exempt from overtime pay as I am also an executive with no set hours.

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