Question by  trinkle (60)

What kind of writing skills should I be teaching my 3 year old?


Answer by  Andrea74 (43)

I have a 3 year old and I must say that unless they are showing signs of actually writing, the best thing you can do is just allow them to get used to holding a pencil and developing their own form of holding it by flexing small motor skills.


Answer by  step (309)

None, you should just leave that up to the education system. But, Signing his/her name is good, he/she can get a library card. I think reading (to the child), or their reconizing a written word is more important at 3 years of age, than actually writing it is.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

At this age they really need help to tune in their motor skills. Some of the best things to work on are the letters in their name since this is one of the first things they learn in school. Also work on drawing simple things like circles and squares.


Answer by  Lisa45 (144)

Three year olds are to young to learn how to write. You should focus on strenghthing their fine motor skills. Picking up small objects, finger painting, and painting with a brush are all good ideas.

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