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Question by  arunakumari (13)

What kind of damage will white worms do to trees?

My trees have white worms.


Answer by  treesfreely (7)

The white worms you are seeing may be bag worms - a little white worm that does a lot of damage (killing a tree) if not treated quickly with chemicals.


Answer by  pecan (16)

White worms can cause all kinds of problems for trees. If you already have them, you need to go to the store and buy some chemicals as soon as possible. The worms will eat through the roots and weaken the tree until eventually it dies and falls to the ground.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

White worms are nasty to your trees. They can replicate and infest trees by making tents that envelop tree branches and kill them! Inside these tents, the worms will eat and devour the tree bark. First they attack the trunk and spread throughout it. Once they burrow into the bark it is all over.


Answer by  Ctoney (57)

White worms will make tents that cover the tree branches and then they will go inside of the tent and eat the tree bark, thus causing the tree to die.


Answer by  Latha (264)

The white worms are dangerous for trees. The worms attacks main trunk. First we cannot know worms are attack,lastly the main trunk will decayed and in a strong wind fall the tree.


Answer by  wildspear (15)

White worms if left untreated can infest a tree. The tents they make will kill the branch that it is attached to as the worms will eat the brark.

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