Question by  JordanRae (37)

What kind of supplies did soldiers take with them in the Civil War?

I mean personal stuff and food.


Answer by  SadBloke (7)

Most soldiers would carry a journal, some sort of dried or salted meats, extra undergarments, and perhaps a few sheets of parchment. The most important thing would be their bedroll, which would consist of a waterproof sheet and a blanket or two.


Answer by  Hedski (6)

They took a lot of black powder and ammunition for their muskets with them. They also had canteens to keep water, as well as blankets, and basic food items, such as some meats when they could get them. They also tried to take beans and rice with them whenever they could.


Answer by  Sunpipheny (116)

They took biscuits, dried bean, bacon or meat wrapped in a salt rag. The took coffee beans, anything dried that they could in a pot. I imagine they took socks, long underwear, depending on the weather.Shaving gear, and a picture of their wife.

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