Question by  Hoffman (22)

What are common American Civil war re-enactment equipment?

I will be attending an Civil war re enactment and have no idea what to take with me.


Answer by  HistoryChick (78)

Take along period clothing in gray or blue (depends on who you're fighting for! ), a simple tent setup for the camp, a fife or drum if you have one, a period weapon, and a sense of adventure. You should consider contacting the local Sons of Confederate Veterans or Sons of Union Veterans for more advice on your particular battle.


Answer by  beck (1099)

For Civil War re-enactments, be sure that what you take is authentic time period style equipment. Most re-enactors are very particular about everything except a modern cooler for food being period in style and make. Clothing should be hand sewn using patterns from the era, other equipment should be as close to original as is possible.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Whatever you decide to take, it must be authentically made for the time period. The fabrics and buttons and method of sewing must match those of the time period. Avoid anything modern, this would include all equipment. Most of the time some modern camping gear is allowed to keep food cold, kept out of site though. Authentic is the keyword.

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