Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What kind of stuff requires 200 amp service in a house?

I am just starting the process of buying a home and the subject keeps coming up about 200 amp service.


Answer by  hbdrew14 (137)

A service is based on the square footage of the house, the lighting loads, and a few other requirements. The bigger the house the bigger the service. The service is over sized to accommodate future power requirements. The bigger the service the better because you will always add extras later, but typically not over 200 amps.


Answer by  bonobo (79)

200 amp service means that the home is wired to support a total electrical load of 200 amps. There's nothing in an average home that will use that much electricity all by itself, but if you have the dryer, range, and air conditioner going at the same time, it will use a lot of electricity.

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