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Question by  worker8297 (13)

What kind of gift can you give to a cat?

I feel silly even asking the question.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

In my experience, there are three good gifts for cats: Catnip, toys, and cardboard boxes. The first two are common sense cat gifts, but the third is often overlooked. Cats absolutely love to chew on, sleep in, and play around cardboard boxes. They're also really cheap, and you won't feel bad throwing them out if they get trashed!


Answer by  mii (237)

Any cat will enjoy anything doused with catnip. You could also give your cat tuna or chicken. He/she would really enjoy being able to eat with you or do some other usually forbidden thing. Cats also enjoy being in the window, so you could get the cat a box manufactured to fit into a window and hold the cat.

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