Question by  wrusche (176)

What kind of food is appropriate for an 8 month old infant?

My baby seems like she wants more than formula, what can I give her? I also want her to sleep through the night consistently.


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

By 8 months old they can have just about anything. You can give her infant cereal, and baby food fruits and vegetables. You can also give her baby food meat by this age. Start with the cereal and gradually increase to the fruits, vegetables and meats.


Answer by  thangam (95)

At this age, start solids foods slowly, preparing a tablespoon amount of whatever food you have chosen to begin with. Milk has to be continue at this age. Mesh the solid foods before giving to the child and give adequate water while feeding the baby, so it will be easy for the swallowing and digestion.


Answer by  beenthere13 (197)

Babies generally start eating solid foods between the ages of 4-6 months. A good starter food for infants is cereal - typically rice cereal would be a good first choice. Test your babies tolerance and then move on to another cereal such as oatmeal. You can then move to jarred foods starting with stage 1 and moving up in consistency.


Answer by  cwaters2120 (31)

At this age, solids are not as important as formula/breast milk are. If you look at the back of the jar you will see solids have very little calories. Babies get all their calories from liquids. Solids are more for texture at this age. Bananas and avocados are great for caloric intake at that age.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

You can start introducing soft foods like baby cereal, cherrios, mashed potatoes, processed baby food, start with carrots and other veggies items but for now stay away from the meat products.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

An eight month old infant should not be eating any foods. You should always follow your doctors advice on as to when to start your child on rice cereal, this normally occurs around nine to ten months of age. It takes some time for infants stomachs to be able to digest food.

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