Question by  avocadoing (62)

What kind of creature could live on neptune?


Answer by  cesarin (41)

This creature never breathe oxygen, maybe hi breathe other gas like a nitrogen or other alot in this planet, I imagine one bacterium or other micro organism. This planet its very dangerous and other animals not survivor in this conditions


Answer by  willard (874)

Since we don't think Neptune has a surface, it'd have to be a creature that floats in the clouds, and could deal with very cold temperatures. On Earth, creatures that live in the cold tend to be very large to conserve heat, so I imagine a huge jellyfish.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well you have to have a creature that can fly, and maybe a built in gas mask/ trunk that filters out all the methane. It can breathe on hydrogen, and has a lot of fur to cover it body to prevent it from being cold and yea thats about it

posted by Anonymous
I like what you have put but you might want to have a creature that is very warm all by its self or the creature can stand the cold  add a comment

Answer by  michael101 (0)

Well i now 80 percent that on Neptune there is monster sized centipedes and the air is like a greenhouse so probably there is just monsters at that planet

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