Question by  Pineapple7 (260)

What kind of clothing styles should petite girls be wearing?

I am 5 feet tall and want to appear taller.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Heels will always make you look taller. Short skirts should be above the knee cap. High waisted clothes make you look taller. Never wear horizontal designs or baggy clothes.


Answer by  caitlin61 (12)

I think medium length dresses look really nice on shorter girls. Nothing too short because if it shows off your legs. It may make them appear shorter. I also think black pants can make you appear to be taller and thinner, paired with a pair of heels. One more look is long shirts.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

Wearing darker jeans and pants elongates your legs making them look longer than they are. Slip on a pair of heals to give you extra hight.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

You should wear mid-rise pants with a slim or straight leg. Low rise pants will make your legs look shorter. Also, wear tall shoes!

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