Question by  lawsj12 (34)

Is wearing a wrist sweat band in style?

I see people wearing them who are not doing sports.


Answer by  psufootball (72)

It really depends on your location and what age you are. Some people seem to think of them as a style, others feel that there is no need to be wearing them unless you are actually using them what they were made for. If you like them, wear them.


Answer by  282913 (11)

I think that only people doing sports should wear sweat bands, because they are used for sweat and not for style. They were only in style back in the retro disco ages. If you are to wear one in public at least wear it while running or playing sports that would require a wrist sweat band.


Answer by  syllabus69 (114)

It depends on your definition of style and where in the country, or world you may be located. In sports they are not used as a fashion statement as they serve a specific purpose. However outside of sports, fans may wear them to mirror the pro athletes that do wear them.

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