Question by  LazyPilots (82)

What kind of clothes dryer maintenance is required?

I have never had a dryer before.


Answer by  nixx (78)

Maintenance for your drier is required only once year. First you have to remove the lint build-ups. Then clean behind and underneath the drier with a damp rag. Clean the lint trap with a soft brush. Check also the balance and inspect the gas burners.


Answer by  cmitch (104)

The lint filter needs to be cleaned between each and every load. Every few months, it's a good idea to clean any lint from the exhaust hose, too.


Answer by  Prajeesh (369)

Laundry dryer needs good maintanance. It needs good voltage to work. Never put much weight on the dryer top area. Put a plstic cover on the dryer. Dryer cover is vailable in Home Depot.

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