Question by  Callie (30)

What kind of bugs are living in my litter box?


Answer by  JoshBroom (40)

Bugs that were in your animals feces and a certain parasite by the name of toxoplasma are most likely living in your liter box. Gnats are also commonly found in some litter boxes, these bugs are mostly harmless but the toxoplasma parasite can be harmful to a developing fetus, so keep that box clean!


Answer by  Lauren (56)

Bugs that are living in your litter box could be parasites that were in your cat's feces. You should take the feces to the vet to be tested. The bugs could also be ones that actually came inside the litter (a sort of contamination).


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Usually ants, roaches (German Roaches), house flies or any other critter feeding off the excrement of your feline. Clean the pan at least once a day to prevent their visits.


Answer by  drJ (841)

Aside from typical fecal bacteria (like e. coli) you may also find a parasite called Toxoplasma in your litter box. This is generally harmless to people with healthy immune systems, but can be dangerous to a developing fetus. Pregnant women should avoid coming into contact with litter. If your cat is not treated, it may also have GI worms.


Answer by  Anonymous

little grayish bugs with wing

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