Question by  Lisa17 (11)

What is your favorite color in Maybelline Wet Shine?


Answer by  gwizzy2009 (204)

By far my favorite is Strawberry Ice. I find it to be a beautiful and vibrant color. What is even better is that it really makes the lips stand out. It goes on very easily, does not wear off and lasts nearly all day. I like some of the others as well but Strawberry Ice is best.


Answer by  Answerguru (51)

My personal favorite color in the Maybelline Wet Shine collection is Cherry Rain. It is a gorgeous red color that works on any skin tone. Unfortunately, the Maybelline Wet Shine collection has been discontinued and is no longer sold in stores anymore. As a replacement, I'd recommend the Moisture extreme collection.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

My favorite Maybelline Wet Shine Color is Rose N Shine because I have a fair complexion and it provides a nice contrast.


Answer by  breyn (17)

My favorite color in Maybelline Wet Shine lip gloss is Pink Carats. I am fairly light skinned and so this color gives me a great, settle look and a nice shine. The pink, matched with a light pink blush, goes well with any outfit for any time, night or day.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Diamonds Lipcolor In Shade of #250 is my favorite! My girlfriend's lips look like sapphires that sparkle in the light with this color. Not that I ever use lipstick, no way!

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