Question by  fst805 (28)

What is David Bowie's favorite color?


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

If you were to ask him what color he preferred, most likely it would vary from day to day. However, he is seen in black in most of his albums.


Answer by  gugacurado (32)

David Bowie is known as an innovative and changing personality. You can not ask him his favorite color or food, every time you ask, he will give a different answer.


Answer by  Priya12 (218)

David Bowie is an English Single also an actor come producer. Who loves black color. In all his albums he is always seen in black outfit.

Reply by BoeZoe (136):
just because he wears it doesn't mean it's his favorite. i believe he can be fickle when it comes to favored colors.  add a comment

Answer by  eb31379 (0)

he has black in most of his albums so I think it is black

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