Question by  atman (308)

What does your favorite color tell about you?


Answer by  AmandaZ (92)

My favorite color is red, it shows my personality and the way I feel things. I am very passionate, with a great temper, and determination.


Answer by  jeffjonesrock (42)

A lot of people believe that a person's favorite color can provide insight into their personality. It can also show things that you would like or dislike.


Answer by  BoeZoe (136)

It may be telling, but typecasting people by their favorite color can be trouble-prone because people change their minds on favorites. Mine is purple and I know there is a purpose in purple, but I don't know what it is.


Answer by  prasath25 (46)

my favorite color is blue. most of the natural things are blue in color like sky, sea etc. , whatever i bought for my own use i will go for blue color. it attracts all class of people. the people who are wearing the contact lenses they will go for blue lenses. it attract the fellow people.


Answer by  Sanjeevan (62)

My favorite colour is WHITE, Its tell about me always my mind and soul are while and clean, because white colour is always should clean and neat if not we can't use that , like that only my mind is always clear and even my soul also very clear always,

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