Question by  mailbag (2)

What is windows 7?


Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

Windows,the best selling product ever produced by Microsoft corporation. The latest version of windows is windows 7 as a most developed version. It follows after the Windows Vista. Its release date is estimated to be in September or October this year. It is supposed to be the new leading operational system and take the title from Windows Xp.


Answer by  llfredericks (36)

It is the latest version of Windows software that is currently available in a beta or release candidate. This will be an upgrade to XP or Vista available currently.


Answer by  senthil (19)

Windows seven is the latest os published by microsoft corporation which overlays the drawbacks of windows vist and other earlier versions of windows os windows seven is a graphical os


Answer by  Steve90 (22)

Windows 7 is the followup operating system to Microsoft's "Windows Vista". It is intended to solve a lot of the usability issues that Windows Vista had.


Answer by  itguy (17)

is the new operating system from microsoft that is going to replace windows vista; currently is on the testing phase and i read rumors today that probably the release date is going to be this holiday season.


Answer by  Neil (83)

Windows 7 is the latest operating system produced by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows Vista. There is currently a free release candidate available for download to try as this operating system is not available at present since it is still undergoing development. The final version is likely to be available for purchase later this year.


Answer by  sicckus (38)

The new operating system due to be released by microsoft which is claimed to be rid of usability issues that have given vista and microsoft a bad name to this point. also claimed to be faster than both vista and xp. Although personally i think it has an ugly taskbar..


Answer by  mailbag (2)

An operating system

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