Question by  slaphead2000 (48)

What is Viewpoint, and why do I see it in my computer's toolbar?

I don't recall installing a program by this name. Can I safely uninstall it?


Answer by  vanesabr5 (47)

Viewpoint is an add-on that comes with AOL messenger. You will need to remove the AOL add ons to remove it, does not contain spyware and can be removed from IE add-ons.


Answer by  Spadebilly (22)

Viewpoint is a media player plug-in that probably got installed when you were trying to watch a video or listen to some music. There shouldnt be any problem with unistalling it because if a video or sound byte requires it to listen over the internet than it will usually ask you to download and install it again.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Viewpoint is a media player that some machines use to view web based video, 3D objects and other digital media.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

Viewpoint means computer desktop is viewpoint and full of toolbar is available in iside of the each software so go to software and then run safely.

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