Question by  RINI (4)

What is typical maypole dancing?

I would like to learn more about maypole dancing and traditions.


Answer by  LEM (33)

Maypole dancing is a tradition celebrated typically in small townships in Victorian England, from the 1830's-1901. At the beginning of spring, people celebrated May Day, where they would pick a young girl to serve as the May Queen and there would be a big festival. Maypole dancing involves a large pole with several ribbons to twirl around it.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

All dancers hold onto a ribbon attached to the maypole. They dance circularly around the maypole, clockwise and counterclockwise in turns. This creates a weave in each ribbon while dancing.


Answer by  brittann (200)

Maypole dancing is a traditional dance that is done on may day every year. The girls wear pretty dresses and have ribbons in their hair and they all hold on to a long ribbon that is connected to a pole. They circle around the may pole dancing,


Answer by  Suzie (6)

Maypole dancing is a group folk dance. As its name implies, it was traditionally performed on the first day of May. Its origin almost certainly had to do with celebrating fertility. The basic maypole dance consists of a decorated pole, around which a circle of dancers perform coordinated dances. The dancers sometimes hold colored ribbons connected to the pole.


Answer by  Simon (54)

YOung girls in traditional dress dance around a decorated pole that had streamers running from it. They hold the streamers. It is to celebrate spring.

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