Question by  jonnyd (94)

What is the best dance scholarship?

My daughter can really dance well, but can't afford college


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

Look for colleges with dance programs that offer full scholarships through auditions. Also, many schools offer partial dance team scholarships. Don't overlook private colleges; many offer more schlarships than public schools, plus there may be extra scholarships and grants that can help her get through school without a big student loan bill.


Answer by  dance2live (6)

Get the ball rolling early in the high school years. An above average GPA, dance experience, dance competition experience and community service will all be helpful when you are applying. Meet with a Financial Aid counselor at a university in your area to find out what scholarships will be upcoming that are specific to dance.


Answer by  xeon13 (13)

well id say she should join a cheerleading team, or atleast something realated to college that gives scholerships. the best place around here is marshall valley college. they give out plenty of scholerships and someone as talented as her should easily make the team. its best this way because its close enough to home.


Answer by  Honey123 (60)

The best solution is to apply for Federal Financial aid. Within the attending school use may use all of the resources that they offered to find the best possible solution. You can also check online for one of the most used scholarship search engines by college students.


Answer by  goodanswer (13)

there many dance scholarships ranging all over the USA. The one that is well known across USA is Youth America Grand Prix where the reward is $250,000 scholarship.


Answer by  snessia (991)

George Mason University in Virginia offers some scholarships up to $3,000-$5,000 per year for dance. The focus is modern dance and the award is based on talent.

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